What We Do

OUC is a service organization that provides advice and counsel to the University of Pittsburgh community—the Board of Trustees, the Chancellor, the administration, faculty, and staff—on legal and policy matters, involving or affecting the institution. Our talented and dedicated professionals are committed to helping the University achieve its mission by providing quality legal services in a timely, professional, and collaborative manner. 

Our emphasis is on providing consistent advice and counsel that leads to the development of strategies that maximize results and avoid preventable obstacles. We help our colleagues identify, analyze, and measure the legal and policy risks associated with the numerous decisions they are charged with making. We are most effective in providing assistance when engaged early in the process and working as part of the team to solve problems, develop policy, and implement strategies. But we also excel in assisting with the management of crises and emergencies that raise legal and policy issues. Whenever possible, we promote the use of technology to provide better and more efficient services. 

In all that we do at OUC, our purpose is to support the University community in advancing its education, research, and service goals. We welcome the opportunity to be a strategic partner in those endeavors and look forward to working with you.