Who We Serve

We provide advice and counsel to the University of Pittsburgh community—the Board of Trustees, the Chancellor, the administration, the faculty, and the staff—on legal and policy matters, involving or affecting the University. 

When the legal needs of the University require expertise beyond what OUC can efficiently and effectively provide, we retain outside counsel. When we do so, we supervise those engagements to ensure that the advice and work product are consistent with University policy, standards, and expectations. 

We do not provide legal advice or represent faculty, staff or students about personal legal matters. However, in certain situations, we provide legal advice and counsel to University employees who have been personally named in legal proceedings as a result of their official actions as a representative of the University. For personal legal advice, faculty, staff, and students should consult a private attorney. The Pennsylvania State Bar and the Allegheny County Bar Association offer many resources, including a lawyer referral service. In addition, eligible individuals may qualify for free legal service with Neighborhood Legal Services Association.